Sunday, 17 July 2016

Campaign Events: 106 BC

I am still running the Dies Martis campaign as a remote umpire for the guys in Glasgow, and several decision points have been reached. First of all, Marius has consolidated his hold over Numidia while Jugurtha has appeared in Gaetulia and raised an army there. The Germans are continuing their migrations, and the Teutons have appeared in Aquitainia; there will be a battle there between them and the disgruntled locals - a proper war band clash.

I have also decided to rest things at the eastern end of the map. The Indians were no longer on the offensive in this period, so I have assumed that a Parthian army has stayed there for security. Eventually this will rebel and form the basis of the Indo-Parthian state. In the meantime, though, it will allow us to concentrate on matters further west. I know that Gordon at least is champing at the bit about squishing Romans...

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