Sunday, 10 July 2016

Red Legion, Yellow Legion

Or, in this case, a legion with red and yellow shields:
Figs mostly by Companion Miniatures. I have no idea who the officer is at the leftmost position as you look at it - he came with the stuff Roy passed onto me. I really like his (handpainted!) shield, though, so I left it on him.
The other shields came with the figures, one of several embossed types that Companion made. Thanks to Happy Gordon in Newcastle for swapping them! I didn't quite have enough for this legion, so I added in a few plain ones - after all, on campaign one makes do as best one can. All I now have to do for this lot is add in some casualties and a mounted legate. Then it's onto the final legion, for now at least. I then have a cunning plan, or perhaps an insane one - running a three-part mini-campaign based on Philippi for the Society of Ancients conference in October. My running total for 2016 is now 330 foot, 20 mounted and an unfeasibly large Aventine nellie.


  1. Very nice and they way other manufactures mixed in compliment the Romans.

    1. Thanks, Joe, that's what I was hoping for. It's a real shame that Companion are no longer produced...

  2. Splendid Romans, excellent job!

  3. Lovely legionaries - the Companion figures are hard to beat!

  4. Splendid Romans, indeed! Coincidentally, I have the first of two Aventine nellies on my painting desk now. Great models.

  5. Cheers all, and thanks for looking.