Sunday, 9 October 2016


Loads and loads of it, and nice and cheap and nasty it is too:
Take one large artificial topiary ball from Homebase. Cost me a whole £19.99, this did.
Pull out the plastic bits, like this. They come out with little rounded bases that you then chop.
There's loads of them. Enough to do a swamp and a river and then some.


  1. So that´s what it is! I found one the other day, roughly 14-15cms across, judging by the first pic with the clumps next to it yours must be 3 times that.
    I haven´t entirely pulled it apart yet as I´m trying to work out how Long it took someone to attach all the bits onto the strange 8 sided/winged bit in the middle. The Little 4er clumps are a bit big for bushes (in 1/72nd)..I might make some wierd looking trees out of them

  2. Now I know hat they are...I found one for sale

    1. Hi Paul, that looks like it - I think mine was a bit larger. I've also probably paid a bit more than the one you found - typical Homebase...

    2. I didn´t pay anything for it :-) I really did just find it, that´s why I didn´t know what the Thing was. At first I thought it was some sort of wierd natural growth until I picked it up.

  3. takes a lot to tempt me into a DIY store but this might do it!