Sunday 9 October 2016

Palisade Fencing

The conspirators threw up a copious amount of woodwork at Philippi. Not only did they have two hilltop camps, they also built a connecting covered walkway of some sort between them. Also, when Cassius finally realised that Antonius was trying to put a causeway through the marsh, he then built another palisade to intercept the Caesarean's efforts.
Almost none of this actually mattered when it came to the battle itself, but it does present something of a logistical challenge when constructing the battlefield. I have a whole load of Renedra plastic palisade fencing, so it's time to get gluing...
...and painting...
...and highlighting. This isn't going to look like the quality one expects from Roman legions, but on the day it didn't seem to present much of a problem to Antonius' troops. Therefore, rough and ready is the name of the game. Besides, building almost four metres of good quality work will cost a fortune! The good thing about all of this effort is that it will make the battlefield into something much more interesting than the usual billiard table. If I ever do this again I'll add in little camp vignettes and random scenes behind the lines, but this will do for now.

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