Wednesday 24 June 2009

Athenian Elite Hoplites

When our club's 25mm ancient gamers became one of the playtest groups for Tactica II, I decided to rationalise my rather haphazard collection by concentrating on standard 2,000 point armies. The plan was to be able to field any of the combinations permitted. I began with the various hoplite armies because I already had substantial numbers of them in various states of disrepair. I bought these particular guys from Michael. He had already done most of the work on them, in a more or less uniform manner. So I decided to keep them pretty much like that and use them as the unit of 24 elite Athenians permitted for the Marathon list:I gave them a wash, touched them up a bit, added transfers to the shields and the aprons on the front rank figures, and then varnished and based them.
Of course, after getting on reasonably well with this plan, I became more involved in the Society of Ancients Battle Days in Scotland, which put an end to it in the meantime. However, I'll post more of the army as and when I get the time to take pictures.

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