Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Early Seleucids against Indian

This was my (symmetrical) deployment for yesterday evening's game. It was Gordon and I against Billy, Simon and William as the Indians. In case anyone is wondering, Simon and I tend to be on opposite sides because we supply most of the club's 25mm ancient armies, bringing in one each most weeks. We always play historical opponents. My deployment was simple: phalanx in the middle, with the large units stiffened by elites; Light Infantry and elephants to either side of the infatry; and cavalry on the wings. The Indians set up with an interspersed mix of infantry and elephants across the centre, with cavalry and chariots on the wings. The fight was long and hard right across the board, with the cavalry wings of both sides knocking each other out. Eventually our left wing light troops ganged up on a lone Indian infantry unit with flank and rear wave attacks and this, combined with the central phalanx, won us the game. Another good fight.

Key to units
A: 24 Argyraspides in 3 ranks. Elite unit with pikes.
A1, A2: 10 skirmish archers in a single rank.
C1, C2: 18 Companion cavalry in 2 ranks. Elite lancers with Impetus.
E1, E2: 2 Elephants (Impetus).
J1, J2: 8 skirmish javelinmen in a single rank.
L1-4: 12 Peltast Light Infantry in two ranks.
M1, M2: 24 Veteran Macedonian Phalangites in 3 ranks. Elite units with pikes.
P1, P2: 36 Phalangites in 3 ranks. Pikemen.
Sk1, Sk2: 8 Skythian light horse archers in 2 ranks.
T1, T2: 8 Tarantine light horse with javelins in 2 ranks.

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