Monday 8 June 2009

Horse Archers

These are some of the horse archers that Derek remodelled and painted, Warrior Miniatures again:
A few of the figures are individually mounted with quite a lot of sculpting of terrain on their bases.
As well as using three dimensions effectively, it gives more of a skirmishing cavalry feel.

I use the single figures as officers.
These guys have seen service as Parthians, Skythians, Armenians and Sassanians.
I'll post some photos of the same figures, but painted by me, another time.
The relatively "clean" Warrior figures gives a great deal of scope for clothing designs, such as the trousers on the figure to the right in the photograph above.


  1. Hi they look great, but have you thought about posting larger images? I love to be able to click and see the details.

    What size are these, smaller 28's or GB size?

  2. Hi Simon, thanks for the comment. I'm still getting the hang of this putting photos on the web business. Every time I've tried to make the photos larger, they look a right mess. Any advice would be welcome!

    The figures are smaller 28s, incidentally. The Warrior Cataphracts attracted some comment on their relatively small size compared with Gripping beast figures when I used them for Callinicum. The difference between them was noticeable when the units deployed side by side.