Wednesday 14 October 2009

Another bloody draw

Yesterday we had a bit of a discussion about the continuing inability of the great powers to defeat anybody else at all, bearing in mind various possibilities mooted over the last couple of weeks or so. The consensus was to leave things as they are - if the so-called conquerors can't conquer anything, then maybe our (alternative) world is a more interesting place. We then played the game of the evening, the second attempt by the Great King of Persia to assimilate Aegyptus into his dominions, and again we had a drawn battle. This time massed cavalry on the Persian left wing crushed all before them, while the Egyptian left wing light infantry waded through everything in front of them in some pretty rough terrain. We ran out of time before we could race to see who would swing into the centre and get the result, so we called a draw. Everyone is still happy with the way the campaign is going, especially because the games themselves are usually very interesting. However, the Persian general on the night (Gordon) was heard to wonder about huge armies being unwieldy in the time we have. So we might try this particular match-up with 1500 point armies if it occurs again. Given the mutual mediocrity of the two forces, they'll still provide a decent size of game, just because of the numbers of troops they can have for that points total. Next week: the Romans try again to unite central Italy under their control. After that, it's time to see if Alexander of Macedon can live up to his promise, as opposed to getting badly wounded every time he appears.

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