Thursday, 1 October 2009

Tarentine Light Cavalry

Twenty years ago I painted a Pontic army for a friend of mine for Tactica, and then bought them all back from him a few years later. These Tarentines (Essex figs) were part of the army. In between Romans I've been slowly revamping my classical period figures for use in our ongoing Empire campaign. I gave them a touch-up, added some shield transfers, then varnished and rebased them. I still have a soft spot for Essex figures, and I used their Seleucid figures for the Pontics. After adding to them subsequently, I have a huge phalanx army plus extras to use for pretty much any Successor state, and later. I've always liked the idea of using one manufacturer for an army as much as possible. If I ever get round to it, I'll do a 1st Corps army to fight them, but that's probably a long way off...


  1. Nice to see veteran minis hanging in there!

    I have a bunch of Foundry figures earmarked as Tarentines; wish I had time to get them painted. Such a useful troop type.

  2. Hi Simon, I have a lot of veteran figures! When we moved house four years ago, the deal was that we would get a place that had a big enough garden for my wife's gardening, and for the kids. Plus some sort of outbuilding that could later be converted into a games room/study for me and for the kids when they are old enough to do exams (honest...). Cathy also suggested that I should start to revamp and reorganise my existing figures, which have seen a lot of moving around and general battering. I'm going to concentrate on the Seleucids and associated figs from the period to support our ongoing campaign, and to give me a much needed break in between batches of Romans. The good thing is that a revamp is a relatively quick way to get updated and useable figures on the table. I see from your blog that you kind of use the same logic with Ebay purchases. Sometimes it's good to do something quickly rather than always be painting from scratch...


  3. Hi Paul, yes I really don't care about painting a mini from the start. In fact, the more painted they are when they arrive, the happier I am! :) I particularly like restoring well painted minis that have got a bit battered.

    I aspire to collect very big armies, of the and nicer larger 28mm ranges, consistently based.