Thursday, 1 October 2009

On the painting tray for October

In September, I finished everything I wanted: 24 Principes; 24 Triarii; 4 legionary command figures; and 12 slingers. I also managed to renovate 8 Tarentine light horse. This month, the schedule will be to begin Legio II for Zama, with 24 Hastati and 24 Principes. As part of my ongoing revamp, on the tray also are: 8 more Tarentines; 12 Seleucid Xystophoroi; and 15 Greek casualty figures, some of which need painting from scratch. Since I started keeping this record, I've been able to complete everything I hoped each month. It would be good to keep this going; fortunately, the cavalry are already well advanced.

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