Friday 5 February 2010

Army Lists for Empire

I've taken advantage of a new Blogger feature to create text pages; you'll find the link at the top left of my front page. There will probably end up being several of these; I see them as extra resources that are text-intensive and so would perhaps be rather boring if they appeared in full on the main blog itself. Interested people can click on the links and anyone else can just pass them by. Apparently a blog can have up to ten of these pages. My first one is for army lists generated by our Empire Campaign. I can think of another one for specific battle scenarios, aided by Battle Chronicler maps.


  1. it's a useful feature. I might use it for FOG army lists or rules explanations. Need to give it some thpught first.

  2. A dumb question, but how do you create additional pages (apart from Home)? There doesn't appear to be much in the way of guidance on the gadget itself.

  3. Hi Phil, if you click on "edit posts" or "make a new post" you'll be taken to the standard editing page. It's really easy to miss it, but there's a new option to "edit page" right beside the other actions for editing and comment moderation. If you click on "edit page" you will be asked to create a new one, since you haven't got one already. You will also be given a choice of layouts, ie where would you like to place the link to the new pages on your main blog first page. I hadn't noticed the option at all until Big Lee posted a short article on it and sparked off some discussion via comments. I hope this is making sense!


  4. Cheers Paul - I'll give it a go!