Wednesday 17 February 2010

Empire Turn 3: 330-320 BCE. A Summary

  • The Satrap of Syria rebels against the Great King, proclaiming himself the true King of Kings
  • A Carthaginian invasion fleet destined for Sicily is scattered by storms.
  • The Persians attempt to bring Syria to heel, and are defeated.
  • Rome conquers Magna Graecia.
  • The Macedonians are defeated in Pontus in a close encounter.
  • A Macedonian force moving southwards into Greece is easily repelled by an army led by Thebes.


  1. We need a map to keep track of all this! Who now owns what?

  2. Hi Phil, that's a good idea - I should include an updated map with each turn summary. Unfortunately, my old digital camera has just died on me, so it might be a while!