Sunday 7 February 2010

New Page for Army Lists

I have a backlog of various armies we have used, and not just for the Empire Campaign. I have set up a second page for these and first up is a series of three choices for the cohort-based legions, pretty much as suggestions for the period from the reforms named after Marius to the establishment of the Principate. Nasty Romans, in other words.


  1. I've got the hang of 'pages' now so thatnls for the tip, Caliban.

    Just got to populate them now - so going for a user manual for FOG players to help out on the more tricky bits.

  2. Hi Phil, I'm glad I made some sort of sense. I like your idea of a user manual; I'm thinking of making one of my pages a full review and analysis of Tactica II when it comes out. I could do it now, but I don't want to pre-empt the publication. Also, some elements may have changed between my playtest version and the final product.

    Good luck...