Wednesday 23 March 2011

Carthage takes Magna Graecia (again)

Last night saw the return of Carthage to Magna Graecia.  The photos aren't any good, so I won't use them.  Suffice it to say that the mercenary Sicilian foot simply carved their way right through the centre of the Italian infantry - game over, and very quickly too.  The Carthaginians managed with contemptuous ease a feat that Pyrrhus' famous phalanx signally failed to do last week.

Magna Graecia has become a real battlefield in our Empire campaign, fought over by Romans, Carthaginians and Macedonians alike.  Next up will be the Persians trying to grab crucial Victory Points by attacking India.  Since this is now the era of the Successor States, we'll use Graeco-Bactrians for the attacking force.  Should be a good battle, but I won't be able to make it next week.  I'll supply the attackers, though.


  1. All right, going to see abig campaign game with multiple armies


  2. Definitely! The Indian army is rather lovely - it's just a shame I won't be there next week to take photos. There will be other times, though...

  3. Mark here.

    Indians next week eh?

    I may just make a return to the campaign table !

    its been a good two years since I was commanding them in the 'circle' around Persia campaign, and they never got a game with them