Sunday, 6 March 2011

Welcome to Scullmeister

Scullmeister has just joined - thanks for looking! You've probably noticed that it's mostly 25mm Romans here at the moment. That was unintentional - I started doing the blog thing when one of our club members said it was effectively a way to get a free webiste. It has more or less taken shape depending on my current main interests, and just now that means Republican Romans. I blame the Society of Ancients for making last year's big game Zama. I am hoping to complete the army by the summer, which will give me pretty much anything I need for a consular army for the Punic Wars period. Well, the Romans and Latins anyway...



  1. Thanks for the welcome Paul!
    I did notice your blog was mainly Romans, that's why I clicked 'Follow'. If you check out my blog you'll probably notice that I've been taking my time, painting up an Allied Legion to join my mates Early Republican Roman on the battlefield. I really like the period. I look forward to seeing how your Consular army goes.



  2. Hi, I've just joined your blog: the more Romans, the merrier. I've always liked the earlier and later Roman periods because they are up against it. Somehow, the Caesarean and Early Imperial meat grinders never really attracted me. Doubtless I'll get around to them eventually, though.

    I really like your Companion Romans; giving them Aventine commands really makes the units stand out.

    Cheers again!