Friday, 11 March 2011

Empire Campaign Turn 9: 270-260 BC

Things in the campaign have been at a relative standstill for a while due to the burgeoning social lives of my kids: birthday parties, clubs and so on all seem to be pretty heavy at this time of year.  Anyway, we have now completed Turn 9 and are about to move on to Turn 10, the midpoint Victory Points turn. Events in Turn 9 were:
  • Carthage fails in Iberia
  • Rome runs out of time in Sicily
  • Macedon fails in Syria
  • Persia fails to reconquer Persia
So all of the major powers are back to what they do best: losing! Marco had the honour of rolling for the initial events in Turn 10, with the result that Magna Graecia has rebelled from Roman control and the Macedonians have attacked across the sea into the same region.  Our rationale is that the Greek city of Tarentum has instigated the revolt, but the Italian hill tribes remain loyal to Rome. All of which means that next week's battle will be Pyrrhus and the Tarentines against the Italians. A bit later than he turned up historically, but it will be interesting to see if this leads to a Pyrrhic confrontation with the Romans.

The current strategy map:
The Carthaginians control Carthage, Numidia and Sicily. Rome holds Central Italy.  The rather large but disjointed Macedonian Empire comprises Macedon, Greece, Thrace, Asia, Armenia and Mesopotamia.  And the Persians are still grimly holding on to Parthia and Bactria.

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