Sunday, 23 October 2011

Last of the Romans

This lot finishes off the Republican Roman project:
Unarmoured Roman cavalry by Crusader Miniatures.
I tried something of an experiment with the bases.  We have a whole load of bark chippings left over from gardening during what passes for summer here in Scotland.  I painted the light coloured ones a base deep red, in the hope that they might look like sandstone when finished.

I think it looks fine, which means that I have a ready made supply of cheap basing materials.

The shields that came with them are smaller than the previous time I bought these figures, so I purchased some Little Big Men 15mm shield transfers and used them.  The emblem is exactly the same as one of my legions, and I was able to fit it onto the standard as well.


  1. Interesting basing. Very nice colors, and I'm sure it looks great in-person, however, the aerial shot looks very "busy." I thought the red ground work was discarded shields at first. Best, Dean

  2. Hi Dean, thanks for the comment. I'm going to wait and see the response when I put them on the table for the first time. If it looks as though the basing won't work, I'll re-do them, perhaps with some more greenery.


  3. Nice Ala...the paint job on the minis is great

  4. OMG how many romans can one man have. Great blog, just joined, I'll be keeping an eye on this in the future.
    Massive games.......which rules do you use?

  5. Hi Guidowg, thanks for joining in. We've been playtesting Tactica II and it's pretty much everything we want in a quick Tuesdaty evening game. It also caters for large fights surprisingly easily. Now all we are waiting for is publication...

  6. I'm very impressed that you managed to finish your project. I honestly think I've managed to finish a single army for anything but a skirmish game in my entire life.

  7. Hi Brian, it's mostly down to peer pressure and then sheer bloody mindedness. Peer pressure, because I committed to a large public game, so I needed to produce a lot of figures (folks were relying on me). And then the bloody mindedness made me keep going to complete the whole army so that I would have all the options I would ever need.