Saturday, 1 October 2011

On the Painting Tray: October 2011

Last month I started on the project for Plataea by revamping 32 Spartiates.  This month, I'm keeping the momentum going by painting 8 Spartan command figures and gluing up a dozen Wargames Factory Numidian Light Infantry as slingers.  I also want to finish my Republican Romans by painting the last dozen unarmoured Crusader cavalry.  Any extra time can go on dullcote for the rest of the Spartans I completed a while ago.  The paintjob is fine, but the varnish is a little bit on the bright side.


  1. Look forward to see the finished figs and interested in the Plataea project which is a battle which tends to get overshadowed by Marathon, or is that Snickers?

  2. Hi Paul, I still call it Marathon too. My kids find it strange...

  3. Third for Marathon looking forward to seeing the figures completed!!