Sunday 18 December 2011

Anne Boleyn, Work in Progress 2

It took a bit of time, because I wanted to be careful, but finally I have managed to glue this together:
I used some rather thick artist's acrylic to fill and seal various gaps that were visible.
I didn't want to use model filler in case I did some damage to the details.  Besides, I can be ham-fisted when I really try...
The majority of the areas filled were on the gown, which I'm going to paint dark blue with more artist's acrylic.  I hope that will do the job without obscuring too much.
I might try an experiment with the sundial.  Instead of painting it all one shade of stone, I might attempt to give it the look of marble to make it a bit more interesting.  I suppose there's only one way to find out if it will work!


  1. Looks great, Paul! A bit of a change for you.


  2. Hi Simon, you're right there!

  3. Interesting project right enough. Look forward to see the painted article.