Tuesday 13 December 2011

Lakedaemonians for Plataea

I've posted pictures of some of these guys before, but now I have them the way I want for Plataea:
First up are the Spartiates.  There are two units of these, each of 36 figures.  I've used the old Foundry heavy guys for the whole unit, apart from command.
The second photo shows one of the two units of Perioikoi, again 36 figs per unit.  I used more of the Foundry armoured figs for the front ranks, plus a commamd stand.  The figures in the other ranks are a real mix of stuff, some unarmoured.  I wanted some kind of visual difference between the Spartiates and the others so that it's clear which is which on the tabletop.
 Above are the two freshly finished command bases for the Spartiate units.  Willie gave me these because he doesn't want Spartans.  They already had a basic paintjob, so I gave them a quick ink wash and then a touch-up.  I especially liked the "reverse colours" scheme on the shields, with bronze lambda on a red background, so I left them that way.  I think it helps make them stand out a bit as command.
Xyston's 25mm Leonidas figure with an Old Glory standard bearer.  This will do for Pausanias at Plataea.
Finally, we have the priest who takes the omens.  Apparently he worked really hard at Plataea - Pausanias refused offering after offering until he decided the time was right to charge the Immortals.  In other words, when the Tegeans broke ranks instead of standing and taking more missile damage, he realised he had no choice but to go for it.  Piously, of course...

Time permitting, I want to have a few little pieces like the priest to add some character to the battlefield.  Casualty markers would be good and Foundry make a nice Spartan camp set.  Simon has a temple to nestle at the foot of Mount Cithaeron on the Greek left.  I'd also like to represent the Persian spara barricade on the table.  So much to do, and so little time!


  1. Those Spartans are excellent, great painting sir....

  2. Thanks folks. Hope you don't mind acquiring another follower yourself, Cory.

  3. I love those Spartans, excellent work

  4. Nice work, lovely looking figures.

  5. Great work although I think the Lambda symbol was not yet extensively used at that time, I think it was adopted in the Peloponessian Wars.

  6. Hi Piotr, thanks for looking. You are of course absolutely correct. I originally purchased these for a campaign idea we had for the Peloponnesian Wars. Since I already had them, I decided to use them for Plataea - saves on painting! I have even used 1812 Russian Napolonics for Austerlitz and Friedland, which gives Napoleonics players nightmares...