Thursday 1 December 2011

On the painting tray: December 2011

November was not a great month so far as painting is concerned.  I finished a dozen slingers and managed to get part of the way through the other stuff that has been on the tray for a while now.  Currently I have 24 Spartans half-completed, plus the 1/12 scale Airfix figure of Anne Boleyn.  I also have another 32 Hoplites that Willie gave me.  These are very uniform indeed, and have been painted up as Spartans.  I'll have way too many of those if I just keep this lot the same, so I think I'll do a bit of work on them to convert them to generic Hoplites.  I am owed some holiday time from work, so hopefully that will make up for November before we reach the end of the year.


  1. A lot on the workbench just like some of us ;-)