Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Campaign Update

Yesterday evening we played a Successors battle in the Empire Campaign.  I ran a Macedonian army attacking the Ptolemaics, but even with Paul's help I threw it away.  No photos, because my camera batteries died on me.

However, this is pretty minor stuff compared with the epic struggle in the west.  After being roughly ejected from Liguria, Hannibal has with his usual energy put together a formidable army.  The remnants of his previous force have been bolstered by more Gauls and some reinforcements from Spain.  Relaunching his invasion, he presses forward into Liguria, which the Romans give up without a fight, preferring instead to fall back on their lines of supply into central Italia. 

Here they will make a stand, in two weeks' time.  The game will be 25% larger than our usual in points terms, but that doesn't matter - these are both high quality, expensive armies, so we will still be able to play it out.  Hannibal attacks a Roman consular army that is ensconced in an open plain, with both flanks resting on rough terrain.  Not a great prospect for the attackers, but Hannibal has to seize the moment, because after this turn Scipio will make his appearance and the Roman counter-offensive will begin in earnest...


  1. Will look forward to news from the front, Paul. It sounds like it will be tough going for Hannibal...


  2. Hi Aaron, good to hear from you. It should be tough. But at least this time I will be on the Carthaginian side - I've been running the Romans far too often!