Saturday, 14 July 2012

A few more Parthians

A unit of twelve horse archers for Willie:
He gave me 11 Navigator Miniatures figs to paint, and I added in an extra Warrior Miniatures guy I had lying around to make it up to a full unit.
I stuck the extra one onto a captured 1st Corps Roman horse.
On the table top nobody would ever notice, but I'm sure that if you picked them up and looked closely enough you'd see which one it is.
My running total for this year is now 219 painted 25/28mm figs.  Still more to do...
The final shot is from a gamer's perspective.  Next is to finish the terrain tiles for Plataea and squeeze in repair work to my Greeks for the same battle.  If I'm lucky, I may also finish a unit of a dozen 1st Corps Persian horse archers before the end of this month, but we shall see...