Sunday 29 July 2012

Empire Campaign: 220-210 BC

This is a full turn report:

  • Bactria rebels from Indian control
  • Hannibal's invasion of Italy is thrown back in Cisalpine Gaul
  • The Indians reconquer Bactria
  • A Ptolemaic attempt to wipe the Seleucids off the map is foiled in Mesopotamia
  • The Persians take Bactria from the Indians
  • A Seleucid counterattack into Syria is defeated by the Ptolemaics
  • Hannibal receives reinforcements from Spain and further bolsters his forces with Gauls
  • Hannibal attacks the Romans in Cisalpine Gaul and they retire before him, ceding the territory
  • Hannibal follows up and is fought to a standstill in Central Italy
The map at the start of the next turn:
I hope you can make it out okay; it's the high quality map of the Empire boardgame as included in Phil Sabin's Lost Battles.  We have already rolled for the turn's random event, and Sicily has rebelled from Roman control.  However, Hannibal has been contained and Scipio is poised to take command.

I will be unable to make it to the club very often over the next couple of months.  I have commitments to four large games: Claymore, Mark's wedding bash (quite literally...), September's big First Tuesday game and then Borodino on Willy's sand table.  Keeping the campaign going will be rather difficult, but I will make it on August 14th, when the Ptolemies attack the Seleucids again in Mesopotamia.

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