Monday 10 November 2014

A Quick Update to the Campaign Page for Dies Martis

I've added a suggested list for the Ligurians to the campaign page, because they have just rebelled from Rome.  Here is the list anyway:

0-8%:  Massed Cavalry
50-95%: Warriors
3-6%: Skirmishers with javelins
0-2%: Skirmishers with sling
0-2%: Skirmishers with Bows

The Massed Cavalry may be either heavy or medium. The Warriors can come in several flavours: loose or close formation Warbands with Impetus, and loose or close formation medium foot.  Any combination of these can be used. The Ligurians were not well known as horsemen, but they did make tough infantry opponents.

We will see how they fight tomorrow evening.  There will be lots of lovely terrain for them, which will make things interesting...

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