Friday, 7 November 2014

Campaign Events: 129-124 BC

All is quite for a few years, but then:

Autumn 127: The Parthians arrive back in Bactria.  This time it looks as though they are going to stay.  The Indians across the eastern border of Bactria decide not to provoke any aggressive moves from the men on horses, and so prudently move southwards back towards their own supply bases.  They will want to confront the Parthians later, on their own terms.
Summer 126: The Indians arrive in Sattagydia, to link up with reinforcements.
Spring 125: The Ligurian Revolt.  Just to compound Rome's problems, the Latin city of Fregellae also rebels.  First stirrings of unrest amongst the Socii?
Summer 125: The Roman army that put down the Slave Revolt in Sicily marches back northwards and reaches Campania.
Autumn 125: Fregellae falls swiftly to a surprise assault as a Roman citizen secretly opens the gates from within.  The town is levelled. The Roman army then moves on into Etruria.
Spring 124: The Romans assault Liguria.


  1. What is the Ligurian Army like?

    1. Hi Ggraham, I've suggested to Simon that we should use the Gallic list, although with half the cavalry - I don't think Ligurians were well known for their equestrian skills. However, the were solid and capable infantry, so I have suggested that the infantry can be drawn from various types: close and/or loose formation warbands; massed medium foot; and Thureophoroi types, which I suppose could include light infantry. If we think tis seems about right, I'll maybe add a list for them to the campaign page on t'blog.

    2. Without checking any sources my understanding is that they were a hill people, so maybe a lot of roughish terrain and Light Infantry? Does this mean my Germans will be pressed into service?

  2. Hiya, I was thinking of making some provision for the warriors to operate in loose formation, either as warbands or as light infantry types, although probably with FV 4-6. I don't know if Simon will go for that option, although he might. He will be supplying the Ligurians, using his Gauls, and I am bringing some extras just in case. Shouldn't need the Germans, but if you want to bring them along they might get a shot at some Romans...