Saturday, 15 November 2014

Test Shot: Command Stands with embossed shields

One rather unusual aspect to Companion Miniatures is that some of their legionaries come with embossed shields, kind of similar to those made by Crusader for Hellenistic Greeks.  There are several patterns, and since I bought so many of them I have enough of the above design for a full legion, plus a load of another design for two more.  I can't help feeling that if the figures see full production again, whoever owns them should sell these shields separately too.  If anyone knows of another manufacturer who makes something like these scuta for 25/28mm figures, please let me know!


  1. The embossed shields stand out . It's a shame about Companion disappearing. Navigator fits in nicely.

  2. Looking lovely, Caliban! The embossing has a nice effect you can't get from a transfer.

  3. Cheers, guys, and thanks for looking. I think the bloke who owns Companion has some kind of major health issue, going by comments on TMP. I hope he gets better - I'd love to buy more of the Numidians in particular.