Wednesday 28 December 2016

Roman Command Stands

Finally managed to finish some figures.
First up is a command stand for Gaius Marius or similar.
I bought two of the relatively new sets of Roman command from Aventine and mixed them up a little.
And nicely detailed they are too. The third photo shows the variations in their cloaks.
These were really nice to paint.
This base is meant to represent Sertorius in Iberia, together with obligatory white fawn.
The fawn is by Warbases.
Again the cloak is well detailed.
The standard bearer is quite dynamic, but I left the standard itself plain.
The third base is a real mixture, and is much more of a vignette. In the photo above you can see a couple of senators with womenfolk waiting anxiously to hear something important; figs by Foundry.
And here's why they are so worried: a certain Lucius Cornelius Sulla on horseback with a long scroll of proscriptions. Protected, of course, by soldiery and the obligatory lictors. These are a mixture: Sulla by Aventine; the tribunes with spears by Foundry (I think); and the guy holding the horse's reigns is by Old Glory.
A side view. The irregular looking base is by Simon Miller aka Big Red Bat.
This photo shows a little more of the base edge - it makes quite a nice change from smooth ones.
View from the rear. Aventine cloaks really are very nice.
Standing just to the front left of Sulla is another senatorial couple.
These are the other two from the Foundry's set of six - three men and three women.
The photo above shows the senator on Sulla's side rubbing his grubby little hands in glee.
Aerial shot. It looks like there are two victims and one beneficiary from Sulla's latest cull of the Roman aristocracy...


  1. What a wonderful job, these vignettes are superb, nicely favourite is the one with senators...unusual and excellent!

    1. Thanks, Phil. I hope you are having a good holiday season, whatever your deity may or may not be....

  2. that is lovely. The fawn for Sertorius is a nice touch. The Sulla vignette is amazing though. I like the base for Sulla the uneven edges make it look more like a vignette than a wargames element.

    1. Hi David, thanks for looking. I bought the senators a while ago, and this seemed the ideal opportunity to use them...