Saturday 11 May 2013

Initial shots from Carronade today

These are photos of some of the other games.  Our Chalons game had about half the number of figures we used on previous occasions for large battles like Zama or Plataea, so it was a relatively relaxing day for us today.  As well as setting up and running the game, I got to roam around the show a bit more than usual.
The Westerhope Wargames Group was running a great game next to ours: the fictitious Battle of Camelon 143, an assault on the Antonine Wall.  Lots of local flavour then, with loads of celtic loonies.  The figures were almost all cast from Prince August moulds, and the wall and rampart sections could be replaced with destroyed bits.  The burning carts rolling over Roman casualties were a really nice touch!
Here's a closeup of one of them.
And here they are in action.
This is a shot of the central rampart piece.
The idea behind the scenario was that the locals attacked before the wall was quite ready; here is where it currently ends at a rocky outcrop.
Another game that was next to ours was a nice 25mm Charge of the Light Brigade.
And yet another 25mm game, this time a WWI skirmish.
A lovely setup...
...with some really nice buildings and models.
I think this one was the German command position.
In the meantime, Thomas was busy with some plasticine.  He insisted I take this photo.
The Leuchars guys were running a Japanese attack on a large carrier model.  The umpire ran it from a mock bridge, which you can see the the top left of the photo.  Appropriate headgear was essential too.
I can't remember who did this setup, but I took a photo anyway because it caught my eye.
A large sci-fi attack on a cityscape, snapped on a quick flypast as I zipped through the halls.
Glasgow & District Wargames society, courtesy of Balkan Dave.
He sneaked in a Hussite war wagon, which I had to photograph close up.

It was a good show, and it was nice to catch up with various folks, including Russ from Brushes and Bases.  Thanks are due to everyone at Falkirk Wargames club for being such genial hosts.


  1. The bridge and headgear were a nice touch. Once again, I missed the show this year, but I live 400 miles away now so at least I had a good excuse for once. Great pics.

  2. Hi Brian, I know what you mean about distance. I'd love to take a game to the Society of Ancients at Bletchley one year...

  3. Near or far, I had to work that day....maybe next year, Deo Vollente. Still, seeing the great pics and reading the news is a good second choice. Thanks for the report Paul.

  4. Hi Simon, it's good to hear from you. Willie is muttering about a very large hoplite game at his place in June, probably on a Thursday evening to suit those of us with too many weekend commitments. Interested?