Saturday 23 June 2012

Bear's Den Parthian Cataphracts

I've just finished half a dozen of these as part of the batch of stuff I'm painting for Willie:
They are sculpted by Chris from the Phoenix Club,  I'd give a link to the website, but it's inactive, something that has been mentioned on TMP.
I haven't had a chance to ask Chris about the business, but I'm sure that other club members are more up to date with information.
They paint up well, and I like the slightly unusual "officer" type of pose, the guy with his hand in the air.
I've gone for a rugged, campaign look to them, which seems to suit them quite well.  In terms of size, they are a notch up from Navigator Miniatures, in case anyone is wondering.


  1. They look great. I love that rocky outcrop too! Best, Dean

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Dean. I bought some cork bark for modelling various things, and I figured it might look good as a rocky background in photos.