Saturday 23 June 2012

Immortals completed

I've been quite busy painting away while Cathy has been in New York:
These are the archer figures I have been intending to add to the armoured spearmen I've already painted.
I do enjoy painting them, and they look nice and bright when finished.  But all those stripes are rather time-consuming!
They make a nice change from Romans and Hoplites, though...
The figures are by Foundry.
Here is the completed unit of 36, together with shield barricade.
And another shot, from the gamer's perspective.  I already have another load of archers to add to the unarmoured spearmen, which will give me a unit of spara types as my token contribution to the Persian forces at Plataea.  My running total for this year is now 195 25/28mm figures finished.  I'm hoping to get to around 500-600 if I can.  I think I'll manage because I have five units of partly worked Garrison hoplites to finish, plus whatever else I manage.


  1. Excellent looking unit! Love the backdrop too. Best, Dean

  2. Very nice, Paul! Still painting for Plataea, then?

  3. Thanks, guys. Most of the Greek figures we used for Plataea have been mine, so I figured I might as well do some Persians too. And since I enjoyed them, I decided to do a few more...

  4. Very nice Immortals! Painting Persians can be very time consuming...

  5. Thanks - I can just feel the pain in your words, Cyrus!

  6. Lovely work, Paul!


  7. Those are great Paul where did you get the bark? I am after some!

  8. Hi Willie, I got the bark from Antenociti's Workshop in England:

    They have loads of good stuff.

  9. Lovely and colorful, just as they should be!

    I am lucky enough to have a cork tree less than 100 mtrs from my house, regular trips with the short axe and chisel are done in the spring!


  10. Hi Matt, jealous I am definitely. Something like that just wouldn't survive the climate here!

  11. Thanks Paul!
    Matt I am also Jealous same climate as Paul!