Thursday, 20 May 2010

Carthage and Rome: The 1st Punic War begins

Warning: this is not historically accurate content.  More pseudo-historical (or something like that).

Explanation: we played the latest tabletop battle generated in our Empire campaign on Tuesday evening.  The Carthaginians attacked the Romans in Magna Graecia.  I did produce a map of the Roman deployment, which was predictable enough: Roman legions in the centre, with socii to either side; Italian auxiliary foot and cavalry to either flank.  William did give me a printout of his battle plan for the Carthaginians, but I can't remember the unit sizes and deployments, so this short report will be narrative only.

Basically, the Carthaginians set up against the symmetrical Roman deployment as follows:
  • Left wing: strong cavalry force.
  • Centre: various infantry units.  A mixture of elite and veteran spearmen; Spanish; Italians and Gauls.
  • Right wing: a weaker cavalry force, mostly composed of Numidian light horse.
  • Across the front: various skirmish infantry types.
Carthaginian plan: pretty obvious, really.  Big punch on the left, flank the legions and kill them before they cave in the centre.

Which is almost what happened.  The Carthaginians did break the Roman right wing and the two rightmost legions, but only just before the polyglot centre itself collapsed.  A battlefield victory of sorts for Carthage, but technically a drawn battle, which means Rome holds on to Magna Graecia. 

The Roman hydra has recruited two more legions and invaded Sicily in return; this is next week's game.  I won't be able to make it, but Gordon will borrow my legions and take them into the club.  The campaign is picking up some speed after the final demise of Alexander.  The next few turns should pass rapidly since there are no Great Captains due to appear for a while.  This means that each great power gets only one possible move per turn, so we should see movement right across the region map.


  1. Good stuff! Let us know whether Rome succeeds in her invasion of Sicily or not...

  2. Will do - in fact, that game is being played this evening...