Wednesday 12 May 2010

Macedon Marches on

Yesterday evening the Macedonian war machine triumphed again.  I won't give a deployment map; it was all pretty straightforward.  A main Macedonian right cavalry punch with central phalanxes en echelon and a refused left flank guard.  The Persians took an all cavalry army with skirmish infantry support.  There was a huge number of figures on the table, but the game was over very quickly.  It probably took us longer to set up and pack away than it did to fight the battle.  The Persians just kind of melted right across the front in the face of a relentless Macedonian advance.  There were some awkward moments on the Macedonian right due to wave attacks, but once this stabilised the momentum resumed.  The Macedonian left was in trouble by the end of the game from a huge swathe of Persian horse, but by then the Persian left and centre had collapsed and it was game over.


  1. Sorry I couldn`t make it last night Paul due to the need of my boss to have me work late....on my SECOND DAY back.

  2. Hi John - does that mean you get extra money!? Whereabouts is the job, by the way - will it be quick for you to get into the club once it calms down a bit?

    Next weeks it's Carthaginians and Romans; hope you manage!


  3. I`d better get extra money Paul, and I can`t say that I couldn`t do with it. The job is in Blantyre, but when I worked for them before, I spent weeks away at a time, mostly on MOD contracts. I hope to be at home all the time now as working away interferes with my model making to the point where I don`t get any done at all.
    See you next week for sure for sure.