Sunday, 9 May 2010


These photos have just been taken of a bunch of really old figures I bought at one of the shows a few years ago.  They were in a real mess, heavily and badly painted with enamels.  I added some Essex Galatians to the mix and did a recovery job.  I'm quite pleased with the result - a reasonably quick way to get useable figures on the table.  We deployed them as two 24-figure units of Ligurians at yesterday's Zama game at Carronade.  Some of the figures are pretty basic Minifigs, I think, while others are actually quite nice.  I have no idea what most of them are.  I reasoned that the best thing to do for Ligurians was to paint up folks who looked roughly Gallic, but not do any patterns or checks or anything like that.  Partly this was for speed of painting, but also partly it was a pragmatic choice - I don't think most of the figures could have taken too much extra painting, and I didn't want to have to strip them down and then start all over again.  As it was, I managed to get 48 figures on the table in less than two weeks.

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