Saturday, 1 May 2010


More from the Macedonians, this time old Companions.  I think they are Naismith Design.  They were pretty beaten up and had been quite heavily painted with enamels.  I don't know the make of the figure I used for the officer; like Alexander, he was an extra one I found with the rest.  I deliberately painted the standard bearer in reverse colours to make him a little different.  These seem to have turned out okay; I had no idea what they would like when I started them.


  1. I love the old ranges . These are the Naismith range?

    You id a top job with these old beauties.

  2. Hi Joe, that's right. I really enjoyed painting these - you must be looking because of your own current interest in all things Macedonian...

    1. Yes all things Macedonians. I really like the look of Macedonians /Successor minis.
      The history of the Antignoid kingdom is the favorite of mine.
      I do have other interest Romans /Kelts battles.