Sunday, 9 May 2010

Dead Nellies

I purchased four of Simon the Big Red Bat's dead nellies from Aventine miniatures:

I didn't have the time to do any great modelling on them, but I tried to make each of them unique in some way.  The first one has been finished off by its mahout (spike in head); the second managed to get hold of a Roman standard before dying; the third has fallen on some unfortunate Numidian; and the fourth has been efficiently targeted by Velites.  They attracted lots of comment at Carronade yesterday - a reminder of how brutal ancient warfare really could be.


  1. But where are the guts, Paul, where are the guts? ;-)

    Very nice to see them painted. I intend to paint a lot more causalty figures for future games; they do make battlefields a lot more colourful.

    Cheers, Simon

  2. Hi Simon, I took inspiration from your paint jobs, but I just couldn't bring myself to spilling the guts! If I get the opportunity, I'll paint up some casualty figures for the humans at Zama as well. We're intending to put the game on at least twice more over the summer. Tactica II needs lots of casualty markers, and putting bases on top of them really helps with a display.

    Admittedly, some nice travelling terrain would be good as well, but I couldn't do that and paint the Romans at the same time. Which is why your game was so impressive!

    John says Hi, by the way; he has started coming along to our club evenings.


  3. Paul, the game and the figures look great! Nice job on the Nellies! Mike Adams

  4. Cheers, Mike, thanks for looking.