Sunday 21 February 2016

Some Campaign Events

Autumn 108
Caepio attacks the Tigurini

Spring 107
Marius starts chasing Jugurtha
Ptolemies move an army from Alexandria to Coele Syria to face off against the Parthians, who now fully control Palmyra

Summer 107
Marius purchases Numidian auxiliaries

Ptolemies attack Parthians in Palmyra

So that's what's next - mediocre Ptolemaics against Parthians. Should be some fun for the guys in Glasgow...

Sumerians in Battle

These are some photo of Simon's rather lovely Sumerians and friends in the heat of combat. Taken from a game in Glasgow a few weeks ago, the photos are courtesy of Simon. Not a period you see very often, and not with this number of figures!
The battle lines approach.
The battle lines clash.
Lower level shot.
Make sure I get a good view. Higher, you scum!
Run away! Run away!
The Hand of The Lord of Battle!
Traffic jam. I don''t think I've ever seen so many battle carts in one place.

Polish Blog

Just came across this blog via TMP:

You have to see some of this work - there's an amazing 15mm Carthaginian elephant there at the moment. Reminds me of some of the work I saw while I was working in Warsaw. There weren't all that many gamers/modellers that I could see, but what was there was beautiful.

Saturday 6 February 2016

On the Painting Tray: February 2016

Finishing a legion, then starting another. That is all.