Sunday 25 September 2016

Keith's Ancients Wordpress Blog

Society of Ancients member Keith McNelly has just posted a link on the Society's forum to his tabletop/Empire campaign. Here's the site:

Do go and have a look!

Saturday 3 September 2016

Caesarean Equites

By Companion Miniatures. Thanks are due to Happy Gordon in Newcastle for swapping - I had a few extra legionaries he needed, so...
Shields are by Aventine, with LBMS transfers to match.
The men have a nice mix of chain and cuirass for armour. I painted the horses as mix of chestnuts and bays, with command having posh greys. They will see their first outing for Philippi in October.

On the Painting Tray: September 2016

Almost finished 18 Caesarean Roman Equites by Companion Miniatures, plus 18 armoured Iberian cavalry by the same manufacturer at various stages of completion. I'm going to paint these as Celtiberians to make them stand out a bit from the 36 Iberians I already have, and also to use up some odds and ends of transfers, long shields and caetrae that I happened to have lying around. At the top of the photo lurks a Roman horse for a legate for the final legion I finished a couple of weeks ago.

Next up: five casualty markers for that legion, and then it's on to terrain and scenery for the Philippi project for the Society of Ancients conference. I still have six weeks, so I'm hoping that will be enough time. There's a lot of palisade to do, as well as a large swamp, a hill, a stream, a causeway and the Via Egnatia. Oh, and two large army camps. These will be a mixture of purchased pieces and scratchbuilding. Quite looking forward to it, to be honest, because it will be a nice break from figures for a while. The good thing is that I have already sorted most of the materials in advance while finishing the last of these figures for the games...