Saturday, 9 October 2021

Kzinti ships, first attempt

 I just grabbed these at random from my drawer of things to be done:

Two Medium Cruisers being lead by a Fast Battlecruiser. Medium Cruisers are the Kzinti War Cruiser class, ships with firepower approaching that of traditional cruisers, but without the frills and extra equipment of a full cruiser. So that means the hull is a bit smaller, and there are fewer labs and so on. These ships are designed specifically for war, so they aren't the all-rounders that make standard cruisers capable of a wide range of missions. However, this also makes them comparatively cheap, so they are the hulls that are mass-produced during the General War.

I painted the engines on the Fast Battlecruiser to look a bit different. These didn't exist when I first played Star Fleet Battles and Federation & Empire and are described as experimental types with larger warp engines and fewer heavy weapons than an ordinary cruiser. They can be rather interesting to run in fleet battles because they can take even more punishment than other cruisers, but then they don't have as many disruptors. Lots of phaser-1s, though.

I am experimenting a bit with the bases and labels. I've taped F&E ship counters to the bases to show the ship types; quit handy for recognition in large engagements. I'm going to use the larger rectangles for most ships from now on because they are more stable; I'll use the small bases for frigates and such.

Art supplies are not in abundance where I am now, but eventually I am hoping to find some fluoresecents to use for windows and other lighting effects. Even acrylic gloss varnish would do the job. But at least some things are getting done.