Tuesday 19 September 2017

Saying hello to Carl Packham

Hi Carl, thanks for looking in - and that's a great profile picture, by the way.


Sunday 17 September 2017

Two more war bands finished

...which gives me five units of 48 figures, all Old Glory. I like the idea of an army composed of guys by the same manufacturer, it's not something I manage very often. Here's how they look in their storage box:
Not bad in work-heavy circumstances: 240 finished since May. It's a start...

Sunday 3 September 2017

On the painting table: September 2017

Progress on the Germans. These are the latest shots of the war bands in progress.

A few more have materialised this month.
And here is the current state of the painting queue. Since I'm not playing regularly, keeping momentum isn't easy, so I've compromised on little and often. I'm aiming to finish three figures a day to keep the queue moving, which means maybe an hour and a half at a time. This is manageable, given all of my other commitments. It means that progress is slow but steady; but at least there is still progress...

Saying hello to Tony Emery

Tony has quite a list of interesting blogs to follow - just click on his profile thumbnail to find them. Thanks for joining, Tony!