Saturday 18 June 2016

Campaign Events

Summer 107
The Ptolemies inflict a major defeat on the Parthians in Palmyra
The Teutones continue their migration, moving en masse into Arvernia
Jugurtha raids the Romans under Marius in Numidia

Autumn 107
Marius finishes off the Numidian army, but Jugurtha remains at large
The Ptolemaic Egyptians consolidate in Palmyra

Spring 106
An Indian army attacks the Parthians in Sind

New ancients blog

By Robert Heiligers, a prolific writer of articles for Slingshot:

The more the merrier!

Quick edit - thanks to Robert for following on here too!

Monday 13 June 2016

Online library: resource for Roman history

Hi all, I've been looking for easily accessible information on the interrelationships between the Jugurthine War, the Cimbric migrations and the ongoing problems the Romans were having with the Scordisci and friends. Found this on the web:

There's quite a lot of other material on there too - might be of interest to someone?

The reason I was looking is because this is where we have got to with our ongoing campaign, with me umpiring and the guys in Glasgow playing the battles.

QUICK EDIT: I posted this link on the Society of Ancients forum, and the consensus there is that erenow is a form of internet 'privateering'. In other words, they'll post stuff, but if the author sees it and complains enough they'll take it down. Not quite piracy, but close...

Wednesday 8 June 2016

On the painting tray: June 2016

Took these photos at the beginning of the month, but haven't had the time to post them:
Romans, always with the Romans...
Some more finished than others. This is the penultimate legion of my Companion Miniatures figures. Embossed shields courtesy of Happy Gordon in Newcastle-ish.