Sunday 8 May 2016

More Roman casualties

This time with a twist, or rather a dial:
These bases are not quite as large as my home made ones, but they are of far better quality. Made by Warbases, they have numbers up to 12, and I reckon five of them will do for a legion; these are for my yellow shields legion of Gripping Beast figs. I just did my usual and put some Warlord plastics on them. My total for 2016 is now 250 foot, 20 mounted and a large Aventine nellie.

Sunday 1 May 2016

On the Painting Tray: May 2015

Some casualty figures and the legate for the yellow legion I've just finished, plus the start of the next legion. The casualties are Warlord games plastics, on Warbases large round dials. These are not quite as large as my home-made ones, but are of much better professional quality, so should last for ever. The numbers on the dial go up to 12.