Saturday 30 July 2011

Welcome to Vladdd and Anibal Invictus

Hello to you both.  Vladdd has a blog here with quite a range of stuff: Wyrd, Malifaux and Flames of War to mention just a few.  Anibal Invictus has a lot of Two Fat Lardies material.  There's an especially lovely shot of a WWI tank in action.

Thursday 14 July 2011

Roman Army on Parade

My contribution to Greg's celebration of the 14th of July is my 25mm Republican Roman consular army for the 2nd Punic War:
Four legions, two for the Latins in white and two in red at the front - those are the Romans.  Complete with supporting cavalry and command figures.
Each legion comprises 24 Velites, 48 Hastati, 48 Principes, 24 Triarii and a command base of 4 figures: 124 figures per legion.
That comes to 496 legionaries.  I know there should strictly be double the number of Velites, but I couldn't be bothered.  Besides, I'd never use that many.
There are also 24 Roman Equites, 24 Latin Equites and 12 Latin Light Cavalry, for 60 cavalry figures.
Plus a base of 2 mounted generals for each wing, and another 2 for the overall commander (consul of the day). 
That makes a grand total of 562 figures, in 25mm of course.
And I'm not finished yet - I want another dozen light horse.  I'll order those in August.
Almost all of the figures are by 1st Corps, with some Newline Velites thrown in for good measure.  The lighter cavalry are by Crusader.  It took me two years to paint this lot, which is why I've just about had enough of Romans for a while...

Tuesday 12 July 2011


Welcome to Alvaro, who has a blog with lots of lovely ancients here. Apologies for not welcoming you earlier; Blogger removed my followers for a few days for no apparent reason!

Thursday 7 July 2011

El Senyor Verd

Welcome to El Senyor Verd, blog here.  It has really good ideas for basing, and some of the best painted Esci WWII Germans you'll ever see.

Saturday 2 July 2011

On the Painting Tray: July 2011

In June I managed a dozen Cataphracts plus the Surena figure.  This month I'd like to complete 30 Gallic/German cavalry I'm going to use as Galatians for Magnesia, but it will be a bit of a tall order.  Time will be scarce this month due to heavy work commitments.


This is the general figure for Willie's Navigator Miniatures Parthians:
I tried to vary the colours on the lion pelt to make it a bit interesting, with a darker mane and slightly lighter nose area.  This will be used for Antiochus in our big refight of Magnesia at Claymore in August.