Monday 24 May 2021

Some more Star Fleet Battles

 I've been mucking about with various ideas for Star Fleet Battles using items from their Shapeways store and elsewhere. First up is a Kzinti Battle Station:

This is a really nice little model, from their "Omni-scale" range. It works very well with the counters I am using at the moment for my solo fleet games, but it will be far too small when I eventually get my fleet together. Now of course stations, plants, asteroids etc. will always be out of scale when compared with ships, because otherwise you couldn't play the game in your average house, but even so this is far too small. I have cunning plan for that, though. In the meantime, I wanted to see how this looks, partly because I wanted to try the Jupiter IV decals I bought earlier - I'm hoping you can see one of them on the model above.

Secondly, here are some fighters from The Plastic Soldier Company, for Richard Borg's Red Alert game:

It's not a great photo - just about the best I can manage in what is supposed to be late spring light here in the UK - also known as hammering rain. Believe it or not, the hexes are actually mat black, but the colours have gone a bit weird. The fighters look rather washed-out in the photo, but they are actually quite nice. I have painted them to do service as neutrals or perhaps Orion mercenaries, with a blue on white colour scheme. They are a bit larger than the Shapeways Kzinti fighters I bought previously which is why there are two to a base, but they'll do the job.