Monday, 1 June 2009

Parthian Cataphracts

These are the Cataphracts, also painted by Derek:
From this first shot, you can see how he has remodelled some of the helmets. The Warrior Miniatures figures are "true" 25s. They are quite slender in comparison to more recently produced figures, and they are also less well detailed, but that gives the modeller a good basis from which to work:
The overall effect is subtly different from the original figures, adding in enough variation to make the unit interesting:
After I bought these from Derek, I managed to buy some unpainted ones from Eric at the club, to increase the numbers. Here are some, by way of comparison:
This is one of my older paint jobs and it is perfectly adequate, but it's not up to Derek's standard. The relatively static pose is very visible:
And again:

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