Monday 6 July 2009

On the Painting Tray - July

This is the first of a new series of monthly posts. I won't use photos, but I'm hoping it will be a good way for me to keep track of my progress over time. At the start of July 2009, I have (at several stages of part completion) on the painting tray, 11 casualty figures of various kinds for the Callinicum game at Claymore on August 1st, and 24 Newline velites. The latter I picked up at last year's Claymore when the guys from Newline were selling off some end of line packs before the ancients were moved to another manufacturer. I knew I'd paint them some time; they'll do for the 12 velites I need for each of the Roman legions at Zama. The plan is to try to complete everything that is on the tray at the start of each month. Anything extra that I somehow manage will be a welcome bonus!

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