Tuesday, 1 December 2009

On the Painting Tray for December

Last month: more progress on the Romans for Zama. I painted 24 Principes, 24 Triarii; and 4 command figures. That finishes the two Roman legions; pictures will follow, probably if I get some time this weekend coming. In December, I want to start the first of the socii legions. The plan is to do these guys with white tunics and shields, which will in fact make them easier to paint. Little Big Men transfers require white backgrounds, which means quite a bit of re-touching for shields that will end up some other colour, such as red for the Romans. I found it easier to complete the shields before gluing them on and then painting the figures, but I won't have to do it in such a time-consuming way for the socii. This should give me a little extra time, so I'm aiming for 24 Hastati, 24 Principes, and 12 Velites. I must admit that I'm looking forward to doing these guys; all that red gets a bit wearing after a while, and the change will be nice.

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