Friday, 19 February 2010

Current Empire Map

Phil B made a comment that a map would be useful to keep track of the Empire campaign's progress. Philip Sabin has very kindly given permission for me to be able to do this, so I have scanned in the two halves of the map to make a composite picture (above). It shows the relative strengths of the four main powers as they stand right now, at the start of Turn 4. From west to east, they are as follows:
  • The Carthaginians have not gained any territory, but have not lost any either. They control Africa (double value homeland); Numidia; and Iberia (double value).
  • The Romans have added to Rome itself by acquiring two territories. They own Italia (double-space, double value homeland) and Magna Graecia.
  • The Macedonians have added Thracia and Asia and still control their homeland region of Macedonia proper.
  • The Persians have lost two of their original eight provinces to rebellion (Bactria and Syria), and one to Macedonian conquest (Asia). They still control their homeland region of Parthia, plus Persia, Mesopotamia, Armenia and Pontus.


  1. That's much better! Thanks Caliban.

    I'll discuss with Russ and see if we can build a similar campaign around Rise of Rome (fighting out battles to determine which 'faction' eventually wins out...

  2. Hi Phil (I'm on lunchbreak, so I can reply quickly!). Purely by chance, I spotted this:

    Basically, it's a mapless campaign table for exploration/conquest. I thought it would be fun to try out sometime with Pompey going eastwards and Caesar to the north and west. After a set number of turns, they both return with their booty and field armies and fight it out to see who wins the inevitable civil war. Come to think of it, any Roman period from Marius/Sulla onwards and several other empires could be the basis for something like this.