Wednesday 12 May 2010

Start of Empire Turn 5

This is the map at the beginning of Turn 5.  Progress in the campaign so far:
  • Carthage has lost no territories and conquered Sicily
  • Rome has lost no territories and conquered central and southern Italy
  • Macedon has lost no territories.  Under Alexander, it has conquered Thrace and taken Asia Minor, Pontus, Armenia and Mesopotamia from the Persians.
  • Persia has lost Syria and Bactria to rebellions, and has also lost Asia Minor, Pontus, Armenia and Mesopotamia to the Macedonians.  Persia still exists as an "empire" consisting of two provinces.
William rolled for rebellions, and Iberia has revolted against the Carthaginians.  He also rolled randomly to see which of the four empires would be first to go in this turn: Carthage.  Rather than choose to see what they would do, he rolled randomly: 1-4 attack Iberia, 5-6 attack the Romans in Magna Graecia from Sicily.  The rationale was that these were the only two possibilities, and since Iberia is worth twice as much there should be twice as much chance of the attack going there.  But he rolled a 5, so the First Punic War is on, albeit not quite as happened historically.  First battle of the turn next week.

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