Sunday 13 June 2010

Seleucid Cataphracts

These are the latest revamps from my old Essex Seleucid army.  I had a bit of spare time after finishing the plastic I used for Ligurians, so I put it to good use.  All that metal made them really quick to do.  There are 30 of them, with a couple of extras that I'll use as standard bearers.  I'm working towards my lists for Magnesia, so I'll need 72 of them in total.  This lot plus my Parthians will do nicely, but it would be good to have all of the Cataphracts by the same manufacturer.  The good thing is, they are easy to paint.


  1. I'll need to have a wee chat with you about these, Paul! I recently bought a couple of DBA armies to get myself going in the Ancients period and Later Seleucid was one of them because they had a good mix of stuff I kind of wanted, i.e. pikes, hoplites, elephants and chariots! However, I'm a bit stumped on the painting side as there's not much material on the web and I haven't found any books yet. I believe that no-one really knows what they wore...!

  2. Hi Ian, I just reworked the scheme I used a long time ago. Having said that, my order of battle for Magnesia has four units of eighteen, two one on each wing. A bit more work with these guys will give me two units. I'm thinking of swapping around the colours for another two units so as to differentiate them and add more variation: bronze horse armour with silver highlights; bronze arm and leg armour for the riders; and silvered metal for the riders' corselets and facemasks. We will be using the Seleucids on and off as part of the Empire Campaign; next time I bring them in, I'll trot out some of these guys too.

    Having said that, if you're going to Wappinshaw on Saturday I could add some in to the Roman box so you can have a look then. Parenting duties permitting, of course!


  3. I fully intend to be there on Saturday. Call it early Father's Day! :) Is there an ancients game tomorrow?

  4. Hi Ian, unfortunately I have to be at a function tomorrow evening at the university. I'm hoping to pop in to the club afterwards, but I would not be able to bring any figures with me. Still, at least they are going to give me food!